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Looking to wallpaper the rooms of your home to update your decor, or want to create a wallpapered feature wall for a business? Not only do we do exterior services, Luxury Design Painting is proud to be Sydney’s best wallpaper installation specialists. Having undertaken an extensive range of wallpaper hanging projects over the years, our team can be relied on to deliver the best results for wallpaper installation in Sydney. We provide full-service professional wallpapering and decorating services to both commercial and residential clients in Sydney and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of highly skilled, reliable and experienced wallpaper installers use state-of-the-art equipment and the necessary knowledge to provide the highest quality finish for your wallpaper. Our installers can handle all types of wall coverings, including delicate hand printed papers, paper backed fabrics, and super wide wallpapers, ensuring you’ll enjoy your new wall coverings for many years.

Whether you require wallpaper installation in Sydney for a feature wall in your home or for an entire room in a commercial office, we can provide you with the best value in wallpapering services. We offer affordable prices for our premium quality installation and guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the final result.

Wallpaper installation specialist

We offer tapestry and wall installation services to your home, businesses. Our team, specialized in wallpaper lying, is the reference in Sydney! Again this year, the wallpaper is very trendy in interior decoration.  Our specialist has a good knowledge of installation of wallpaper. Our Decors wallpaper makers will know how to avoid demarcations and cut-outs, while take care that the coating matches all the desired surfaces.

The new types of upholstery available on the market are washable and have better resistance to humidity. And when the time comes for renovations, they are removed much more easily. The wallpaper will always be there to stay; it manages to create an atmosphere that the painting cannot give.

Wallpaper Experts

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