When it comes to building materials, concrete is one of the most commonly used materials, and it can be found in almost every building. Concrete happens to be a reliable building material, and anyone using it tends to think it won’t have issues in the future, but that is where you get it all wrong. Concrete isn’t something you just set and forget because it is prone to cancer if it is not laid correctly, and might require concrete cancer repair. Without this, it can pose a significant risk to your building if not repaired immediately. 

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What is concrete cancer?

Concrete cancer is a situation whereby the concrete used for building begins to degrade. This degradation kills a building because once the steel in the building starts to rust, it will cause a crack on the building, and if not immediately treated, the crack will begin to expand, and the concrete might begin to fall. Concrete cancer can also be called concrete spalling. Most times, these cancers are often overlooked because people believe that concrete can not be destroyed, but once it is ignored, it begins to expand, thereby causing severe problems.

However, once you can notice the crack on your concrete, you need to start thinking of how to fix it. Concrete cancer repair is essential, but before going to repairs, let’s take a look at the effects and causes of concrete cancer. 

Signs and effects of concrete cancer


One of the pronounced signs that your concrete is being affected by cancer is the cracks you notice on the wall of your building. This cracks little by little, and if the situation isn’t arrested on time, it will begin to expand, thereby causing the concrete to fall off. 

Rust stains

The concrete cancer is caused by rusting steel within the concrete. However, once the rusting begins to emanate and become noticeable, then you will be well aware that your concrete has been affected by cancer and needs to be repaired immediately. 

Roof leakage

Another sign of concrete cancer is the leakage from your roof. When your concrete begins to leak, then you should be prepared to fix your concrete. But if you aren’t sure of it, you call the professionals to come to help look at your building correctly. 


When the paints on your concrete begin to peel off, then it is a visible sign and effect of concrete cancer.

All these signs are evident if you take out time to inspect your building correctly. Although, sometimes, these signs might not be visible, and you may eventually need the help of a professional to help you in detecting these signs. Having a professional also assures you of the best concrete cancer repair. 

Concrete-repair-and-building-rehabilitationCauses of concrete cancer

There are lots of things that can cause concrete cancer, but we will be taking a look at the most common causes of concrete cancer.

  • Rainwater that finds its way into your concrete is one of those obvious causes of concrete cancer. The rainwater contains some dangerous chemicals that aren’t ideal for your wall.
  • Saltwater from maybe the sea is another cause of concrete cancer. This usually happens to buildings that are by the seaside.
  • Chemical reactions from steels that are not compatible with your concrete.
  • Low concrete coverage is another cause of concrete cancer. When the quantity of concrete used in covering the iron bars is low, then water or another harsh chemical can easily penetrate thereby, causing concrete cancer in your building.
  • Poor workmanship is also a defect because is you don’t hire experts that know more about building, then there is bound to be problems with your building. If the steel used in the building isn’t properly placed, then it can lead to cancer.
  • Wear and tear from your building, which allows for improper penetration of water into the wall.

Now that you are aware of the signs, effects, and causes of concrete cancer, it is appropriate to know what can be done to fix the situation before it gets out of hand. 

Different ways of concrete cancer repairs

As the causes of concrete cancer differ, so does the method of repairs. There are over 3 different methods for concrete cancer repair, which are recommended by professionals depending on the damage;

Replacement method

The replacement method is mostly used in a case where the damage is done to your concrete isn’t severe. You can conveniently remove the concrete that has been damaged, and fix the steel that has rusted, which prompted cancer at first. You only need to clean the rusted steel, replace it, and fill the space with concrete again. 

Polymer modified method

This method has to do with removing the concrete from around the affected area, cleaning the steel, and covering it with steel primer to prevent future occurrence. You can also use anti-carbonation protection to coat the steel before filling the space back with concrete. If the iron is totally damaged, then you can easily replace it.

Electrochemical method

The electrochemical treatment method is mostly used in a situation where the damage is caused by seawater, and experts mainly do this.

Another method of repairing your concrete is to seal every crack or opening you have noticed on your wall before it gets too damaged. It is through the cracks that water penetrates and damages your concrete and steel before you even have the chance to notice it. So deal with any cracks on your concrete as soon as possible. 


The concrete is cancer is not something to be joked with, once noticed, it should be repaired immediately so it doesn’t cause further damage. The repairs can be done with the help of an expert, and after your concrete has been fixed, it is essential to apply a waterproof coating on it because the major problem of the concrete cancer is water. The waterproofing seals the face of the new concrete that has been applied to prevent it from water or any harsh chemical from penetrating the concrete.

If you are not able to detect if your concrete has been infected with cancer, then you are free to call in professionals to help you in identifying it. That way, they can ascertain the proper concrete cancer repair for your building.