Corona Virus (COVID- 19): Do Not Panic, Here’s What To Do!

Hi there, with the recent developments, surrounding the Coronavirus, we understand that there must be a lot of panic, fear, and anxiety. Nevertheless, we urge you to keep calm and relax, because even though this seems like a huge problem, a solution is definitely in the works. Now, even though a lot of African countries are reporting a small infection rate, it is inevitable that everyone will experience an outbreak too. However, what you should be concerned with is how best to protect you and your family, as well as, deal with being quarantined (if this happens to you).


Prevention Tips You Should Be Aware Of;

At Luxury Design Paintings, we are very concerned with the welfare and health of our clients. Hence, we are always dedicated to providing you with as much help as we can. Now, although there have been valuable strides made in the effort to create a vaccine, there are certain tips you can try to help keep you safe & calm.

Keep Your Hands Clean

As we all know, the viral COVID-19 is usually transferred by direct contact with infected persons or items. So, the first thing you should try to do more often is washed your hand frequently. Since the virus is easily destroyed with soap, this should be a no-brainer. Also, make use of hand Sanitizers with over 60% alcohol content.

Refrain From Touching Your Face

One of the distinct features of the Coronavirus is coughing, pneumonia and other diseases that affect the nasal tract. Avoid this by keeping unclean hands from your face as much as possible.

Social Distancing

Another effective way to keep you and your family safe is by staying indoors more. Currently, a lot of locations have canceled most social gatherings, like sports leagues, important festivals, school, and even church. With more people staying indoors, the likelihood of spreading/getting the virus is slim.

Protect Your Mental Energy

Amidst the chaos, it is important for you to maintain a positive perception of what’s happening. Take better care of yourself by exercising, meditating, reaching out to loved ones, eating healthy and most importantly, showing love and support to more people. Also, be sure to check for updates on the COVID-19 virus from only credible sources online. There are so many websites aimed at putting out false content to induce panic.

We Are Committed To Keeping Our Clients Safe

In a bid to ensure that our clients & staffs are safe always, there will be certain safety precautions put in place to make this effective.

  1. First off, our offices are currently still open and in business
  1. If you decide to visit, there will be mandatory questions like; If you’ve been in contact with infected persons, your travel history in the past 14 days and if you have flu-like symptoms

All of these measures will help us provide a seamless service to you always. Be sure to call us or send us a mail with your concerns and we will be glad to offer a response.

Remember to stay safe and keep your hand sanitizer handy always.

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